I was in Boston last week for in-person client meetings. This photo of the North End is particularly special to me, because I lived on this street in my 20s. I can still smell the bakery which stayed open all night. Just like a change of scenery can spark (re)connection and creativity, face-to-face meetings can deepen relationships and reveal more to a story.

I talk a lot about how developing relationships and building trust are essential to partnership work. More often than not, these meaningful alliances truly blossom from in-person connections.

While I’m a fan of the efficiencies virtual has given us, there is huge value in face-to-face meetings. When I need to dig deep on a project and uncover new partnership opportunities…real, in-person, human interaction is irreplaceable.

As we all go back to wearing “real clothes” and spending more time in the workplace, how are you building face-to-face back into your life?