I’ve always loved Paris. The city doesn’t shy away from big challenges, including climate solutions. Paris is so committed to climate action, that they are doing everything they can to remove cars from their culture.

By 2025, Paris should see its first public transit gondola. The long-delayed and debated proposal cleared its pre-construction feasibility studies last week.

Gondolas are often seen as a whimsy, but I think they are more than that. There is a practicality to them that can be overlooked. 

A big focus of my work on multi-stakeholder partnerships centers on breaking through obstacles. I know from experience that real change and shared value starts with fresh thinking and creative approaches.

What Paris is doing to connect several congested neighborhoods to the city center should be applauded. This is not a vanity project. We need more cities to lead by this example and take urgent action.

Cities account for a majority of global carbon dioxide emissions. New transit solutions are essential, and like Paris, we need innovative thinking and actual solutions.

What other climate-smart transit ideas are you reading about?