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Nina B. Winston Consulting services are designed to make an impact. Nina’s ability to drive successful outcomes is demonstrated by a career of upward growth, from vice president to executive vice president and executive director. According to Nina, every client engagement is an opportunity to move the needle for organizations and leaders seeking change or growth. Below is a summary of core services.


Redesign partnership programs.

All organizations with membership and partnership programs must deliver value to their stakeholders and create meaningful, sustainable relationships with their partners. Nina can reinvent, refresh or overhaul programs to increase engagement and drive new revenue growth.


Spearhead turnarounds
and strategy refreshes.

Whether an organization needs to rebuild departments, programs or its entire structure to restore its financial stability and strategic focus, Nina guides the conversation and subsequent goals and strategies to reinvigorate the status quo.


Develop placemaking and community engagement initiatives. 

Nina brings her experience establishing and invigorating destinations to clients seeking visibility and a stronger connection between people and place. She uncovers and evaluates often hidden marketing, community engagement and cultural collaboration opportunities.

inaugural programs


Lead inaugural programs.

Nina believes that determining common goals and collaborating to ensure that all partners feel heard are key to establishing a new initiative. Her successes include creating a new social enterprise and leading a multi-stakeholder team to move an internationally renowned event to a new host city.



Partnerships that align cultural organizations with civic interests can increase economic impact, diplomacy and goodwill. Nina has advanced in-market cultural, tourism and economic development missions in Europe and Asia, with esteemed US organizations that include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Second City.


Redesigning partnership programs.

All organizations with membership and partnership programs need to be looking at how to deliver the most value to their stakeholders, and create meaningful, sustainable relationships with their partners. I have reinvented, refreshed and overhauled these types of programs for numerous organizations, increasing engagement and driving new revenue growth.


Spearheading turnarounds
and strategy refreshes.

I have rebuilt and transformed departments, programs and entire organizations to reestablish their financial stability and strategic focus.


Placemaking and
community engagement.

As a volunteer, I served on the founding executive team for a local park in my neighborhood. I helped lead the organization and community through a strategic planning and placemaking process to ensure strategies and goals met the needs of multiple stakeholders.


Leading new culinary
programs and initiatives.

I served in a leadership role on the multi-stakeholder launch team that brought the James Beard Foundation Awards to Chicago. Earlier in my career, I developed a pilot social enterprise project — an indoor farmer’s market in downtown Chicago — that delivered significant economic impact to local farmers and culinary startups.


Creating global collaborations
between commerce and culture.

Partnering with arts organizations, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The Second City when they toured Europe and Asia, I worked with city and state leaders to develop in-market cultural and tourism development missions for Chicago and Illinois.

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