As the first week of 2024 begins to head into the weekend, I am struck by how important this time of the year is for all of us, but in so many different ways. In my consulting work, it’s a time to rebalance, shine some light on the areas I want to explore in the year ahead, and strengthen what I can deliver to my professional world.

What are the big things I want to accomplish this year? Where do I need to “up-level”? How can I bring the most value to my clients and collaborators? And what work gets me excited?

Some of you may know that I am always intrigued by what is hidden in plain sight. For example, if you are a destination professional, what are the places and experiences right there in front of you that you may not consider as part of your community’s story or intellectual capital? Or if there is something you love to do but you haven’t thought of it as work, what would it be and what would it feel like to experiment with that?

As a solo entrepreneur, these are the types of questions I find myself asking right now. Excited for a great year ahead with all of you as we continue on this adventure.

The image below is my reminder to myself to post regularly on LinkedIn in 2024 — even if I am posting on a Friday at 5:00 pm not the suggested LinkedIn post time! The typewriters were hidden in plain sight on a shelf at Coffee Obsession in Falmouth, Massachusetts where I vacationed last August. A small but special memory from my trip. And the coffee was great.

What local gem or untapped experience is hidden in plain sight in your world? Looking forward to sharing more of my discoveries with you this year.