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Nina B. Winston Consulting works discreetly with civic, nonprofit and travel and tourism leaders to elevate areas they believe will benefit from strategic solutions. We apply years of regional, national and international experience in these verticals to accelerate our clients’ achieving new milestones in membership, partnerships, sponsors and revenue. Providing innovative strategies that build community is at the heart of our work.

Case Study:
Redesigning a Partnership Strategy for a Convention and Visitors Bureau


Meet Boston is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) for Boston and its surrounding area, with a membership/partnership base of 900+ businesses and organizations.


The organization and destination had not changed its engagement model in 20 years. It wanted to expand its partner base and sought strategic insight to create, develop and implement new programs.



  • Creating a wider and more inclusive partnership base.
  • Creating a sustainable and streamlined revenue model.
  • Building community to create the strongest possible future for the CVB area.
  • Introducing new programs to augment the organization’s value proposition.
  • Developing greater economic equity within the local business community.
Boston Seaport Square
GW Garden Boston


Our approach was to shift Meet Boston’s strategy from a membership mindset to a partnership value and service focus. Data was gathered from internal discovery across the organization, as well as extensive research across the USA and Canada, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews. Tactics included collaborating to develop key pillars for a re-imagined engagement strategy, restructuring key departments within the organizational framework and updating the partner pricing structure.



  • Broadened stakeholder community and deepened engagement.
  • Expanded and enhanced communication platforms.
  • Developed new opportunities for partners to learn, connect and grow.
  • Streamlined and simplified partnership pricing structure.
  • Engaged the entire team as a single voice aligned with the new approach.

Photos by Kyle Klein

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