…And do it with consistency. As someone who specializes in multi-stakeholder engagement, I have seen this strategy deliver time and time again. Remember that both the big and small moments matter.
For instance, quarterly face-to-face meetings with several Fortune 100 corporate clients of mine were game changers not only for adding value to all partnership stakeholders, but also for breaking down internal silos clients sometimes found within their own organizations. The consistency and opportunity to connect externally and internally helped us all move forward.
Another great opportunity for exploring shared values is at annual summits. Beyond strategic programming, less structured social opportunities are equally as important. I’ve found that this time can be enhanced with artists and other creatives—like the Dear World storytellers who photographed me at IMEX! They can drill down on what matters and visualize key findings in unique and compelling ways.
The key is to gather. That’s where you see real growth in collaboration, partnership results and the development of new initiatives.
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Photo credit: Dear World